RemittVen Money Transfer

How could I send bolivares to Venezuela?

This transfer service is to receive bolivares in any existing bank account in Venezuela.
Your beneficiary has to have a bank account in any of the 32 national Venezuelan banks.
The transaction will be cleared in the destination in 2 hours if made between Monday to Friday in London office hours.

We strongly recommend using private banking institutions in Venezuela due to the poor service given by the Estate Banks.

Any transaction created after the time mentioned will be cleared the next working day. Please remember that the transaction could be cleared immediately after being made, even if we haven't confirmed it.

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All Venezuelan Banks

We work with absolutely all banks in Venezuela. Estate and privates..

Receive in MAX. 2 hours

Receive in destination in from 1 minute to maximun 2 hours if the transaction is made bewteen 9 to 5 Monday to Friday

Pay with Debit or credit

The transaction could be paid with either a Debit or a Credit Card.

ZERO fee

We charge £0 fees or commission.