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Simple money transfer abroad solution.

We know the community was waiting for it. Our team has designed the most comfortable way. Never before was so easy, reliable and convenient to transfer money to abroad from the United Kingdom.

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24/7 Service

We do not stop. Do it whenever you can. no rush.

Receive in bank accounts

We transfer money to all banks in destination.

Pay with Debit Card

To make it more confortable we accept debit Cards

Regulated and Safe

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Visa procedures and family permits

With Remittven you will be able to obtain valid transfer vouchers to support the economy help of your loved ones.

If your loved ones need proof of income to support their visas applications and/or family permits, Remittven's receipts will be very helpful.

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Biometric ID Verification

Thanks to our automatized biometric verification system, getting onboard RemittVen platform is much easier than you think. With your smartphone, tablet or laptop, upload and verify a photo ID and match it with an selfie.

All theses procedures stick to the lastest General Data Protection Regulations and data protection. Your data is safe with RemittVen!

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Travel and Pay in local currency with RemittVen.

If you are a UK resident and want to travel to any couentry we send money to, you will be able to exchange money and pay services in local currency with Remittven. Exchange only whatever you need, and to receive the money daily or weekly.

Receive the money on your account or family's bank account. If you need more, we will be here!


Login to the platform and transfer money from any device.

We are a fully responsive website, that means you can login with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

An internet connection and it is done! Our mobile apps for Android and Ios coming soon!


Your Ally

Our mision is to be your parner and ally. It is to be hoped that in a near-future, investing becomes more important than help, RemittVen wants to be your first option when transferring your hard work fruits it is about.

If one day you want to come back, please count on us to invest.



We sponsor the most important events in the community in the UK.


All at one place

Debit Cards

We will take all Debit Cards in few months.


Proof of transfer to qualify for visas and family permits.

Pounds to Local Currency

Within hours from Sterling Pound to local destination currency.