RemittVen Money Transfer

What is Pago Móvil?

Pago Móvil is a mobile wallet available for any bank user who wants to use the service in Venezuela.

With Pago Móvil, the beneficiary could receive and send to other Pago Móvil bolivares almost immediately 24/7 .

The commission for this service is £2. A maximum of £250 can be sent in one transaction. The beneficiary must have been onboarded with their bank to use this service.

To use this service, you will need from the beneficiary the following fields: Name, Cédula, Phone Number affiliated to the service and Bank Name.

Please be aware that this service comes with a Banking fee for RemittVen, whether the details are right or wrong or whether the beneficiary has the service or not. Any incorrect element could fall into a nonrefundable fee. Please check the transfer details before making the transaction.

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All Banks

Nationwide Pago Móvil. All Banks.

1 Minute

If the details are correct, the beneficiary will receive the treansfer in 1 minuto.


This service is available 24/7 however, on very few occasions banks will not credit in the early hours before 6:00 AM.

Amounts & fee

This service has a £2 fee and a minimum and maximum of £1 and £250 per transaction.